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Coronado Environmental has been serving the community since 1992. Although started as a part time business, we have grown over the years to a full service OSSF design company. We pride ourselves in our work and professionalism. Our goal is to assist the customer in their needs and wants when it comes to an OSSF. We take honor on providing quality work for a competitive price and in a timely manner.  Our job is to design an On-Site Septic System that will provide the customer with their desires, and meet the requirements set by the TCEQ and enforced by the local authorities and preserve the environment.

Company Profile

Coronado Environmental can assist you in all your OSSF planning needs.

We have a diverse customer base from the person building their own home to the custom home builders and the national builders.

Coronado Environmental is a family owned and operated business that serves several counties.  We are based in Montgomery County However, we do serve Grimes, Waller, Harris and Ft. Bend county.  We also serve those in the San Jacinto River Authority and the Trinity River AuthorityWe would like the opportunity to serve you in your needs as well.

We hope to make the process a bit easier and assist you in your needs.  On this site you will find the names of some installers, surveyors and water well companies that we have worked with and feel confident in serving our customers.  We have forms that you can print out on your computer to speed up the process and make you better prepared for the permitting process.  We have a page with links to several organizations that will aide you in becoming familiar with your septic system.  We also have links to different manufacturers and we also have publications from other professionals that you can print and read at your leisure that will also answer any questions you will have about the OSSF on your property.

During the busy season we can usually get your design completed in 3 to 5 days.  This includes coming to the site and the actual design itself.  When the design is complete, you will receive an original of the layout and the site paperwork.  Additionally, you will receive 2 copies of each to apply for your permit.  We accept cash, check, Money Order, MasterCard, Visa, and Debit cards that are marked with the Visa or MasterCard Logo.


Designs - Kenny Crossland ( kenny@crosslandservices.com ) 936-494-0640
Inspections - Jay Churchwell ( jchurch@coronadotx.com )     936-539-5248




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