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Who is Coronado Environmental?

Coronado Environmental was started as a part time side business.  Jay Churchwell started the business as Jay Churchwell, R.S.  He trained Kenny Crossland to do what originally was Perc tests and was later performed as soil tests.  They both started the design process sitting around a couple of drafting tables with all the tools needed to do the scaled drawings needed for the customers. 

Kenny was working for as a  communications technician at the time serving primarily the oil industry.  He had just ended a 9 year stint in the Army as a Communications specialist with tours  that included Bad Kreuznach Germany, High Wycombe England and Ft. Gordon in Augusta, Ga.  Jay was working for a chemical company in the area as an operator.  His background had been in agriculture with a degree from West Texas State in agri-business.  He had previously worked at the local county agency as an inspector.  After his employment with the county and while working for the chemical company, he obtained his Registered Sanitarian license.  Kenny soon after obtained a Designated Representative certificate and then a site evaluator license soon afterwards.  They both attend industry classes to further their education and stay current with new technologies

The knowledge Kenny has with communications and being self taught with the computer field, they soon moved to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and setup all the necessary forms and calculations to perform the job in electronic format.   Now a customer can e-mail a plot plan and after the site work is performed, the design can be done in much quicker time than when they first started.


Why the name Coronado?

Well, this is an easy one to answer.  We didn't want a simple name that incorporated the county or city name in front of environmental.  This seemed too easy and didn't say much for us other than we serve the local county or town.  That really wasn't the image we wanted.   Since Jay and his wife Debby were from the panhandle and the Spanish explorer Francisco Vásquez de Coronado had explored through the upper Texas area and the school Debby had attended was named after him, we decided on that name.  Granted, we get a lot of people that don't recognize the name.  But all the same we like the sound of it and it really is different.


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