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  1. I heard that the only septic systems allowed in  Montgomery County are Aerobic systems.
  2. Can I install the system myself?
  3. What time should I call you to do the design work?
  4. How much do you charge for your services?
  5. What is the difference between a conventional and aerobic systems?
  6. When is ... ?
  7. Why Coronado Environmental?

I heard that the only septic system allowed in Montgomery County are Aerobic systems.

This is not the case.  The conditions that limit a property are the soil and the site conditions.  If the property contains a good soil such as a sandy loam and the there is no indication of a seasonal water table then a conventional septic system will be allowed under the permitting process.  The only condition that will prevent this is that the property be located in the 100 year flood plain.  Then the only system that will be allowed would be an aerobic system.

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Can I install the system myself?

If your site was approved for a standard trench system, then you can install it yourself.  However, you may not hire out someone to do the work and they not be licensed by the state.  For example:  you hire the guy down the street that has a backhoe to dig the trenches for you and you do the rest.  If your system was designed as an Aerobic system, that would require an installer that is state certified as an Installer II.

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What time should I call you to do the design work?

The sooner the better.  We can assist in any pitfalls that might occur after the building has gone up without prior planning of the septic system.  The arrangement of the improvements and placement of the septic system can be crucial on small lots or lots that have creeks, river, ponds, lakes, wells and even swimming pools. 

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How much do you charge for your services?

We can quote a price on the phone after taking some rudimentary information.  This should include what type of building (residential or commercial) and location (Harris, Montgomery, Waller counties etc...).  We are not the cheapest nor the most expensive designers in the business.  We do believe in "You get what you pay for".  We also believe in giving a good product for a fair price.

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What is the difference between a conventional system and an aerobic systems?

These basic difference is that conventional systems use the slower anaerobic bacteria and is placed in gravel underground.   Aerobic systems use the bacteria of its name to treat the waste inside the treatment tank.  You can find these publications on our site and this should give you a clearer understanding of how this is done.

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Why Coronado Environmental?


This is an easy question to answer.  We work for you and not for the equipment manufactures or installers. We only design systems.  Others claim they can do it all.  However, most are actually installers that have to bring the work to a design firm or they design the system and then have someone like us stamp off on the design.  We have rejected offers to participate in this practice from several installers.  We feel as though we need to work directly with the customer to meet their needs and not what we feel we need to sell this week to make payroll.  This way you know who is actually performing the work and why the system is of a certain type and location.


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